Jessica Minhas


About Jessica

Jessica Minhas has established a reputation as a social justice and media expert who makes complex human rights issues relevant, understandable and actionable for audiences of all ages.

She is a nationally recognized speaker and lectures regularly at universities, conferences and non-profits. Some of her speaking platforms have included Harvard University, Columbia University, TEDx, Social Media Week and New York Fashion Week. She is an on-air expert for such media outlets as Huffington Post Live, Halogen TV & Saudi News. This pursuit is borne from passion– Jessica herself is a survivor of  childhood abuse. As painful and difficult as her upbringing has been, she was moved deeply by the young girls she met on her initial journey to India while searching for her biological family. Their stories of tragedy, senseless abuse, rape, incest, forced prostitution, lack of education and most of all, a lack of a voice of their own, gave Jessica the courage to not only share her own story, but to help other survivors embrace and rise above their stories as well. Everything Jessica does is colored by a commitment to shed light on issues that are normally silenced in shame and offer hope to those without it. She challenges audiences to think globally, empowers them to find their purpose and cultivate their unique voices for the common good.


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